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Why should you use turmeric for your dogs?

turmeric for dogs

Turmeric is a spice that has many proven health benefits. It works on dogs by serving as an antioxidant, protecting dogs from diseases, improving food digestion, serving as an effective substitute for steroids and providing pain relief.

However, guidance from a veterinarian is important before incorporating turmeric in your dog’s diet.

Turmeric is a spice that has many proven health benefits. With guidance from a veterinarian, turmeric can improve your dog’s health and increase their lifespan.

Turmeric is a type of spice that’s been gaining a lot of attention lately, due to many scientific studies that confirmed its health benefits. In fact, its health wonders do not work solely on humans, as it has been proven to work on dogs too! These are facts, and no, you’re not in the weird part of the internet. Read on to understand how turmeric can help keep your dog healthy and even extend its lifespan!

Turmeric does more than just enhance the flavor of food. It’s also a “superfood” for dogs to help strengthen their body and protect them from bacteria and viruses. Turmeric contains a compound called “curcumin”. It is a chemical that contains anti-inflammatory and antibacterial components as well as serves as an antioxidant that serves a body booster for dogs. Here’s how turmeric can help the man’s best friend:

Works as an antioxidant

Turmeric works as an antioxidant that prevents cell damage. It fights free radicals that causes a chain reaction by away of damaging or killing other healthy cells. This chain reaction is called oxidative stress and can lead to development of diseases and even cancer. Some dog breeds are vulnerable to cancer as they age. Having more antioxidants helps in stopping oxidative stress, therefore protecting your dog from harmful diseases.

Shrink tumors

Several animal studies have been conducted discussing the role of curcumin in reducing the size of tumors in dogs. As mentioned earlier, some dogs are prone to cancer. Tumors (benign and cancerous) also sometimes appear as dogs get older.

Studies on dogs show that a link has been established between curcumin ingestion and the reduction or total dissipation of tumors. It also reportedly prevents precancerous cells from further developing, and stops the potential development of new ones.

Avoids blood clot

Curcumin in turmeric is an excellent blood thinner, therefore preventing blood clots. It helps promote proper blood flow among dogs. By preventing blood clot, curcumin protects them from acquiring deadly diseases such as heart disease.

Aids in digestion

Turmeric promotes the production of bile, which is an alkaline fluid that helps in proper digestion. Bile also helps in processing dietary fats, which aids in absorption of nutrients and energy production. It also prevents and treats Irritable Bowel Disease (IBD) that causes discomfort, constipation and diarrhea among dogs.

Provides pain relief

Turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties that ease body pain. For dogs who are suffering from Arthritis, turmeric is an excellent pain reliever for joint pains. And unlike other oral medications for dogs’ pain relief, turmeric is organic and has no side effects.

Possible replacement for steroids

Steroids are commonly administered to dogs to help relieve joint pain and allergies. However, steroids can work differently for dogs and can have adverse effects. Turmeric is considered as one of the most viable replacement for steroids as it effectively provides its benefits minus the side effects.

and more dog owners are incorporating the spice onto their pet’s diet. With its health benefits and very few side effects, it stands as a very promising condiment that may be useful beyond the four corners of the kitchen.

Nowadays, turmeric (powder or supplement) is usually combined with black pepper and are given to dogs in a form of paste. Black pepper contains Bioperine that effectively helps in curcumin absorption, since dogs are unable to absorb curcumin in their bodies very well

Before you give turmeric to your dog, it is also worth noting that turmeric works differently on each dog bread. It is discouraged for dogs who are taking medications, or those in vulnerable health states. It’s important to consult a veterinarian first, before taking any course of action.

Generally, turmeric improves health, promotes vitality and even increases the lifespan of dogs. With proper dosage, methodology and guidance from a veterinarian, turmeric can work wonders in your dog’s health.


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