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Men’s Multivitamin Formula Q&A

Men’s Multivitamin Formula

Why men need supplementation?

Reasons, except the obvious will to take control of your health, may be numerous. First of all, being always on-the-go and stressed out makes your body perform at its peak.

Consequently, people get ill frequently, experience fatigue and distress. Men, as much as women, need to take care of themselves, especially when it comes to heart diseases, mental strength as well as bone health and immune system protection. Secondly, senior ones among male population are doubly in need. They lack certain nutrients from food as majority of people, but they also face specific challenges due to their stage of life. It specifically refers to bone health and mental disorders such as focus impairment and depression. Thirdly, whether you are vegan, vegetarian or a passionate practitioner, your organism experiences a multiple burden because of your lifestyle and exercise/nutritional regime. You either lack some nutrients, because your diet is based on the exclusion of some groups of food, or your body needs much more of some supplements so that it could put forth the maximum of energy when it comes to working out and packing the mass on.

To sum up briefly, men need supplementation in order to fill nutritional gaps, slow down the aging process and fortify their body’s capacity to respond to the challenges of energetic and both physically and mentally demanding lifestyles.

What are the most important nutrients for adult and senior men and why?

If you compare the Daily Reference Intakes recommended by the National Academies of Health, you will discover the different nutritional needs of men and women. The nutrients essential for both genders lacking in daily nutrition are vitamins, particularly vitamins A, C, D, and trace minerals such as zinc, magnesium, manganese. However, men need higher doses of these vitamins and minerals, which makes them prone to the chronic lack of the key dietary substances.

Vitamin C is a crucial driver in immune system protection and a potent antioxidant which enables you to have strong bones, muscles and fresh skin as well. This vitamin is of the greatest importance for men who work out regularly or have experienced gum issues or problems with bone density.

Vitamin A is necessary for good sight and inflammation reduction. Our formula contains vitamin A, because we were familiar with latest studies which indicate that men deficient in vitamin A are more likely to develop lung cancer, the biggest cancer killer in men.

We’ve chosen vitamin D as an integral ingredient of Men’s Multivitamin Formula because it plays a great role in preventing cancer and heart diseases. What’s more, vitamin D is a natural testosterone booster. Therefore, vitamin D is important for your muscle-building potential. It also speeds weight loss and enhances fertility.

Magnesium is indispensible when it comes to dealing with stress and fatigue. Men’s Multivitamin Formula contains a recommended dose of magnesium and B complex vitamins, which protects your nervous system. Also, magnesium and B complex vitamins, both key parts of our formula, are absolutely crucial for practitioners because they help you avoid discomfort, muscles cramps and spasms. Additionally, by strengthening your nervous system, magnesium and B complex vitamins, reduce anxiety and help you go through the day, especially if you are trying to cope irritability and mood swing problems.

Zinc is the main immunity booster in the Men’s Multivitamin Formula. Zinc also plays a critical role in prostate health and promotes testosterone regulation.     It is essential for men’s overall sexual health. Zinc’s anti-inflammatory properties, alongside with its antioxidant characteristics, are beneficial for reducing risk factors associated with atherosclerosis. The latest researches indicate that zinc may have a key role in preventing prostate cancer.

Manganese is a trace mineral necessary for your body to heal wounds, build bones and control cholesterol level. It is a great support in both your daily challenges and long-term health goals, so we made it an organic ingredient of our product.

What differs your formula from other similar products on the market?

Men’s Multivitamin Formula is unique because it is equally successful in meeting the demands of both healthy lifestyle and aesthetic standards. Apart from the essential nutrients, our formula contains a blend of herbs and antioxidants which can help you to reduce weight and delay the aging process. Green tea extract boosts your metabolism enabling you to burn calories faster. What’s more, green tea extract moisturizes skin cells and helps you look fresh.

Spirulina and Selenium encourage your organism’s resources to restrict free radical actions, therefore minimizing visible traces of aging. Moreover, Selenium has demonstrated the impact on increasing testosterone levels in men over 30, when testosterone  naturally begins to decline. Men’s Multivitamin Formula consists of vital nutrients and antioxidants which promote your virility, enhance your energy and protect your health with just a capsule a day.

How soon will I feel the effects  of taking Men’s Multivitamin Formula?

Incredibly soon, just after a week or two. In order to achieve a profound and long-lasting effects, it is recommended to use it at least 3 months. If you don’t have any diagnosed disease or specific health condition, there is no restriction to how long Men’s Multivitamin Formula can be used.

Will there be any adverse effects?

Always remember that Man’s Multivitamin Formula cannot be a replacement for food or medical treatment – it is a supplement. However, if you are not allergic to any of its components, it is very likely that you won’t experience any adverse reaction. Side effects may include diarrhea, nausea and stomach upset, but they occur rarely.

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